Early Korean Cinema Season Trailer

Trailer I edited for the ‘Early Korean Cinema’ season recently run by the BFI and the Korean Cultural Centre UK

London Korean Film Festival 2017 Highlight Video

Highlights from the 2017 London Korean Film Festival, which featured a special focus on Korean noir cinema.

LSE Department of Anthropology Promotional Video

A short promo for the anthropology department of the London School of Economics

LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method MSc Promotional Video

A short introduction to the philosophy department at the London School of Economics, giving some insight into the departments specialism in logic and philosophy of science and information on the degree courses and student experiences.

Bloody Muscle Body Building In Hell – Official UK Trailer

Trailer edited by Richard Duffy

London Korean Film Festival 2016 Highlight Video

Highlights of the 11th London Korean Film Festival, giving an overview of the festival’s different strands and interviews with the festival’s special guests, programmers and audience members.

The Sound Architect at the BAFTA Games Awards 2016

Join Sam Hughes from www.thesoundarchitect.co.uk on the red carpet as he talks to some of the top performers and artists in the games industry at the BAFTA Game Awards 2016.

J McKenzie Alexander on the Evolution of Morality

Is it possible that we have a moral sense because acting in a moral way confers the optimum evolutionary advantage to individuals over time? Philosopher Dr J McKenzie Alexander from the London School of Economics uses game theory and computer simulations to model the evolution of morality, in the process considering the degree to which morality is relative.

Work We Want.com Installation

A short film for a recent project I was involved in creating an art installation around how the internet is affecting the world of work. Part of the Web We Want Festival 28-31 May 2015, held at the Southbank Centre in London.  For more information see the write up here.

Bryan Roberts On Time

In a recently commissioned video for the London School of Economics Department of Philosophy, Logic, and the Scientific Method, Assistant Professor of Philosophy Bryan Roberts discusses his work at the boundary of physics and philosophy, including the nature of time and how we can make sense of what relativity theory tells us about the possibility of time travel.

Harvey Paul Saunders – Artist Profile

A profile of a London-based graphic artist who creates mind-blowing geometric collages from recycled fashion magazines. This short promo gives an introduction to his work combining street art with sacred geometry, graphic design, and psychedelia! To see more of his pieces and for more info check out harveypaulsaunders.com

‘Sumpul’ Performed by Thomas Enrique

Video of talented singer Thomas Enrique, from Arcatao, El Salvador, performing ‘Sumpul’ by Romeo Reyes, a song written about the Sumpul Massacre that occurred during the Salvadoran civil war. Recorded in San Salvador in 2014.